Clearing the mine

You followed Artem to the mine and discovered the entrance was guarded by two orcs riding dire boars. Combat was swift and you were able to surround the guards and prevent their escaping or raising the alarm. the entrance to the mine was hidden from plain sight by a large boulder. Once you walked around the boulder however, you discovered a long tunnel burrowing into the mountain with a slight descent. The tunnel is straight and from within you could see light from both ends. The far end of the tunnel opened up on a torchlit mining operation where a large number of goblins are working to remove the stone from the walls.
As you plan your next move a commotion arose from the far corner of the mine, drawing all of the miners to investigate and creating an opportunity for Artem and Content Not Found: tark to investigate, there movements hidden from view by the large pile of rubble in the center of the room.
The party moves forward and discovers that the miners have discovered a passage at the back of the mine. Taking hold of the opportunity you attack and decimate the mining operation.

You pushed into the hidden chamber that the miners discovered and conquered the Crystal spider and won his treasure hoard. However your trust in Artem was misplaced (or more likely your suspicions were justified) As Artem vanished at the end of the battle with a piece of the treasure and you suspect that he had an ulterior motive in leading you into the mines. While going through the Treasure of the Spider you notice that there is a symbol under the treasure carved into the top of the platform on which the treasure was resting. It is a picture of a ravin on a backdrop of storm clouds and lightning.

Upon clearing all of the treasure from the platform you hear a soft click and the raven Emblem lifts slightly from the background as if hinged. It reveals a small compartment containing a scrap of old, crumbling parchment.

“You have found my heart, keep it safe. Do not allow it to fall into the hands of the Swordbreaker. Twas jealousy that drove him to madness. I have returned to the Tor to claim my stake in the wealth of treasure accumulated over the years before I leave the company for good. If you are reading this then you must assume The Swordbreaker has slain me. My treasure in yours, travel due south to the desert with vengeance in your heart and claim your reward.”

You go through the treasure another time but find nothing that resembles a heart.



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