Though the protection service is booming in Alamar, business is not as great for Teroth as he hoped before you arrived. His good reputation in the South has not spread into the upper reaches and as newcomers to Alamar you have yet to earn the prestige to work on some of the more high paying protection details and are relegated to work for some of the city’s less well off. Teroth has arranged for you to escort the poorer traders from Alamar to the guard post at the great gates and vise versa. From the gates down the mountain, attacks are still possible but visibility increases to a few miles in all directions and the poorer traders aren’t wealthy enough (or are too cheep) to afford an escort all the way down the mountain. The past two weeks have been different however. Teroth has had you on a special. The five of you would travel up the north road and then turn off onto the woods. You follow one of the many footpaths that crisscross High Ridge to a clearing in the woods and the home of a giant old oak tree. There is hollow at the base of the tree from which you would find ten 10lb bags that you would load into your cart. You then return the way you came making camp in the woods at nightfall. The next morning, following the mountain westward you would escort your load to an old mill on the river upstream of town and leave the bags under some loose floor boards. From there you return to Alamar, job done. Teroth has not shared the ‘why’ of these drops with you but he has paid you each an extra 50gp per drop so you don’t ask too many questions. The other odd aspect of these deliveries is Teroth, the usually timid, has accompanied you and even assisted with the lifting and carrying. This morning however you left later than usual and arrived at the old oak at dusk. You loaded up the bags as usual then made camp under the giant tree. After dinner Teroth has started into the wine… “Only one more of these trips boys and then the bonus come in and we’ll all have a little extra spending money. How you thinking of spending it?”



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